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We are a small family  ranch nestled in the eastern slope of the Sangre De Cristo Mountains in Mora New Mexico.  

We raise registered Olde English Babydoll Southdown sheep as a biodiversity resource used in a vineyard  that supports the family winery.  "Las Nueve Ninas Winery."  

We have a small base flock of 13 sheep. Eleven (11) ewes, One (1) wether and One (1) ram.  We breed yearly in the fall and sell the offspring in early summer.


If you would like more information or are interested in getting on our waiting list for next years crop, please contact us at  the following number: 512-784-2879.  

This year we return after last years  (2022) fire, flooding, bears and wild dogs.   If you were on our waiting list last year and would like to try again, please contact us.  Thank you

The docile and easily managed Olde English Babydoll Southdown make an excellent pet and a highly efficient lawn mower and weed eater. They are short, stocky sheep standing between 19-24 inches high with wooly, cute faces and perpetual smiles.


The Southdown breed originated in the southdown hills of Sussex County, England.  The are among the oldest of the English breeds, known for their hardy constitution and the tender, flavorful quality of their meat.  

BabyDoll Sheep and Biodiversity

Biodiversity is simply the diversity of living species and their genetic characteristics (definition from Larousse). The concept of biodiversity includes all-natural environments and living organisms (plants, animals, humans, fungi, bacteria and viruses). We may not believe it, but sheep farming is integral to biodiversity for several reasons:

  1. Grasslands maintain a balance between animals and plant populations. For example, they are very appealing to pollinating insects, some bird species or for microfauna present in soil.

  2. Agro-ecological elements such as the border of landscapes, hedges, groves, coppices, ditches and low walls are all beneficial to biodiversity because they provide sanctuaries to plants, small animals and vulnerable insects that are not resistant to adverse agricultural practices.

  3. Grasslands also help reduce farming energy usage, water quality control and help combat global warming by storing carbon in soils.


Hobby farming with the Southdown Babydoll

Southdown BabyDoll sheep  are incredibly diverse in what they offer smaller operations. Sheep can provide the farmer so much on only a few pounds of hay and grain a day. If you have a bit of pasture and patience, the rewards far outweigh the work and can provide a variety of options for income.

Raising sheep can be fun and rewarding if you live on a small farm or even in a rural home with a bit of available pasture space. They are docile, gentle animals for hobby farms, vineyards, petting zoos and they serve many purposes, such as providing meat, and wool.  For many rural families, sheep are virtual pets. 

Mama and twins
Why Registered?

We sell registered Babydolls because we believe in preserving this unique breed. Registration allows us to maintain accurate records and breed standards and continue to provide quality animals.


All of our breeding flock are registered with NABSSAR (North American Babydoll Southdown Sheep Association and Registry). 

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